Mike Burr - log

[mind] Ruminating II

Here's a trick. It's just a trick. I don't claim it works miracles, but I think it has The Power of Good in it...

When you find yourself ruminating about your favorite negative topic, the rumination that has gone on for years and kinda gets you down from time to time. Some extreeeeme regret or some memory of unfair treatment.

Here is what you do when you find one of those boogers coming through your process scheduler: Stop (always stop.), pull it out of the queue, and insist on the privilege of making some good out of this bad behavior. Here you have the thought gremlin in your hand, available for inspection.

Ask yourself, of the actors here (meaning humans, note that this always involves other humans, necessarily), what is being done "wrong" and what lessonS can you draw from it to make you a better person in future (a flourish for you brits)?

Like, if you imagine yourself as bad actor X:

  1. How should person X have done differently? What would the fair and balanced present you do differently?
  2. Are you applying any of this nasty behavior to any people in your life currently? Think hard.

That's a way of both disrupting the automaton flow and also drawing something positive from this fucking bug you've had in your mind for so many years.

- 1 toast