Mike Burr - log

[mind] The healthy old man paradox

When you've been slouching on the couch for the fifth day in a row and having your fifth THC smoothie for the morning, you are a gross, unshaven pile of shit. You've been doing other things but you've mostly been doing exactly this for the past coupla mumble bit.

You look like the southpark neckbeard guy, at least in profile and slovenliness.

Your wife finds you rather unappealing.


Cynical branch:

Your partner gets randy because she sees you smiling out there, doing that thing you do. Brush that stuff off your cheek and turn and smile. But holy shit you're tired come about 8pm...

Uncynical branch:

No matter what happens, your "happiness" does not depend on your partner's mood or opinion of you. If you got them then they got̛̹ ̖̎ỷ̘ó͟ụ̌.͙̓

- 1 toast