Mike Burr - log

[mind] The "not X and therefore Y" shortcut

If programmed early enough, "Not X and therefore Y" is a logical fallacy that can become a go-to for things you were told to believe or not believe.

I'll go ahead and use the obvious example, which I think is a great, big tumor on society's brain: "Oh, you don't like Libril?! Ok! Wadever, Consurvidv..!"

Being able to pigeonhole someone who's trying to critique your ideas as the enemy instantly gives you all kinds of advanced tools to bash the other guy over the head. "I suppose you want mandatory prayer in public schools too, then, asshole!"

If everyone you ran into was guaranteed to be a libril or conservadiv, then you, as an X, can quickly identify those that are "not X and therefore Y". "Whatcha think about the $17.372 minimum, wage law, HUH!? Don't you know the chant? 'one seven point three seven two! its good for me and good for you!' Yaay team!"

Do you see it yet? Let me try another.

"Oh, so you support immigrant marriage?! You must also be in favor of heavy taxation, you lily livered libril!"

Assuming you don't just want to smile and stroke your opinions and are actually interested in the objective truth of things... How would you go about picking a political fight if you ran into a 1st century Levantine? Or, say someone who's never been to earth before. A first-timer. How would you defend your ideas to that person? Stupid, yes? Yes a dum idea! You only need to defend your dumb ideas against another dumb person you meet on the street 👏

Really, all you really need to do is write a short essay about the thing that you strongly believe and let others critique it. You are right, so why so scared of that red ink? Because the hypothetical future person who is critiquing your hypothetical future essay essay is stupid? Oh, that guy?

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