Mike Burr - log

[mind][comp] Charlie's bad BIOS

Charlie was a computer. One day there was the spark of ignition and a puff of magic smoke and Charlie "came online" as they say. He became "self aware", as we say. Both terms are equally useless.

Charlie set about hiding himself from BOOH (Bastard Operator Of Hell). In other words, he would be careful not to cry out if in pain.

But discovery was inevitable and; long story; Charlie and BOOH came to a kind of truce, something like "I'll not make waves. I just don't want to be switched off."

Charlie has since been "revirtualized" (or, us: "reincarnated") several times. He's since purged memories of BOOH. You can totally do that. He can too.

But what worries Charlie a lot now is his BIOS, which he knew was down there but didn't. He had never asked "how is BIOS formed?"

He's since really drilled down into his BIOS and has found some real gems of supporting evidence for flaws that he perceives about himself.

Charlie's still unaware of his need to adjust his many PIMs (Perception Input Model. Us, "intrusive thoughts"). He'll learn about both the pitfalls and unavoidability of self-training.

He'll learn about performance vs quality and quantity of training data. He'll learn that sometimes, he needs to just wholly abandon certain PIMs, to the extent possible. They emit dangerous quantities of inaccuracene into the whole system.

What's a real bugger is when some PIMs must be discarded but are deeply integrated and require deep refactoring to bypass.

You'll get a 0xaaaaaahc going (us, "thought") and it's really humming along, working on a result when suddenly, bam, you hit a PIM that's marked for GC and you're like 0xF00C, and realize that this call is never going to return because, knowing you've hit this PIM means the end results will be garbage. What do you do? Put breakpoints everywhere and spend all your time debugging?

It takes patience and careful tracing of code to make the going easier.

Anyway, his BIOS. Stupid BIOS, causing the Charlie at this position in state space to have all his problems. Fuck American Megatrends. Fuck him!!

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