Mike Burr - log

[mind][dog] Sorry, Lily. Get well soon.

Ooomg. Some dark shit happened to my dog. Sweet, sweet little foo foo lily, the transcontinental, fun-sized papillon who forgot to put on her undercoat (She's got a sick-drown-rat distribution of adorable fur. Properly fluffy in the pet zones of course. But she got a pie bald nipple array with a greyhound waist.... you get the idea.)

Here are the important points:

  • Very traumatized lately by some ultra sonic stuff plus life's goings on. We have fixed this shit.
  • Smoke alarm because pizza 7pm.
  • Me: "Could you please open the front door so we can get a cross breeze?" Door opens, dog darts out.
  • About an hour of handwringing and flashlights. And calling her with a combination of "Lili!" and baby-voice words she seems to just respond to sometimes. All the stops.
  • Cross paths with wife, she's headed next door, who called. Super Awesome Dude. Thanks, dude. Handover, goodnight and gobless.
  • Almost normal life. Almost normal except for "obviously traumatized".
  • Eventually we find wounds.
  • Trip to vet. Vet: "I think it was an owl."
  • Still there.
  • Prognosis good as far as we can glean of the doctor's very educated guess.
  • ~$1,500

Sorry we failed you small, expressive foo foo.

- 1 toast