Mike Burr - log

[wip][mind][quoth] Is this the primordial soup of the future history of the memetic explosion?

GOD DAMNIT I lost a whole thing.

Thing I lost tl;dr -- A room in your house with lots of cameras and a monitor connected to a single (whatever hypothetical super dooper) computer. It runs a deep learning network whose goal is to watch you and allow you to have control over what the monitor displays. It doesn't know you from Jack but the cameras can (oh and mics and whatever you like to throw at it as input) pick up teeny tiny subtle stuff. Instrumented up the wazoo. You think "green circle" and do all kinds of gyrations and whack the button when you think it went in the right direction.

Your mind, capable of amazing things. I assume so and can only take your word for it.

And, so far as you recognize the existence of other people, you can network your mimd with other minds, in the literal sense. Not in the girl from Essex way. Neurons affecting neurons*.

Imagine if we could clean that up!

Like atomic nuclei, the owners of two minds that are about to be experimentally melded just a bit with ARAI magic repel one another in ways relating to "consent". The repellent force is known as YUK. YUK is like gravity but repellant (there is an exit we could take here about dark energy that Chopra would jizz his pants for). If you pick anyone at all other than yourself and imagine being a subject in this procedure...

Hello Mr. Johnson, before we begin I'm going to go over all of the main points of the procedure so that the plot is easier to follow.


You and, um, Mr. Smith are going to have your intercommunication bandwidth enhanced surgically. This is irreversible.


All righty then, big deep breaths from the mask now. Of course this implies deeper access to each others memories and so forth.

SciFi loves to implant shit in peoples' brains. Our senses are capable of amazing bandwidth and our brains are "plastic" (yaaay!)

  • Create an input and output on each subject
  • Plug them up together.

The problem with output: you already have lots of output. Words, dance, drawing, intonation of speech. But how do we turn the pictures that my brain creates and turn them into pixels on a page. Or, how do I transcribe the monologue I'm giving in my head? ...and they get more abstract.

I have written about adding an eye. If we had a lot of time and a clever technique, could we "mind control" a video display? Of course I have no idea how. That's the whole problem. It seems like brain->body throughput maybe sucks. Heck, it does suck. Probably a pretty cruxy point in the problem space.

I guess what I'm trying to say is "wikipedia has made everyone smarter" is the "steam locomotives are faster than trains" of the memetic explosion (feel free to invent your own cool name).

The things that would emerge if all the worlds' minds were networked with high bandwidth channels would amaze. But YUK.

* It is literally true. The bandwidth is incredibly low (afaikt), and the latency is high. It's impossibly impossibly convoluted with signal/noise being very small. Lots of low hanging fruit.

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