Mike Burr - log

[mind][quoth] Spending your now analyzing the past with the goal of predicting the future

Maybe for the trajectory of a baseball in a vacuum.

Much else, you will likely be wrong. If it involves people, forget it. It is an illusion. Every instant of interaction with other people is a seat-of-the-pants experience. You will not be applying "knowledge" you gleaned from past observations (to get a "dig", to gain favor, to hint at a want, to hint at attraction, to hint at disgust...)

This is all hive behavior that stopped working 100 years ago.


[update: Aren't people amazed with human throwing abilities? It stands out. The pros are superhuman. Knocking cigarets out of mouths and shit. Is it possible that this stands out because everything else is hopeless? Compare: predicting Brenda's mood tomorrow]

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