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Two great children's book ideas for the whole family to enjoy tremendously.

How Kim Got His Haircut

Adult-only behind-the-scenes: This is an explanation about how someone could end up with a haircut like that of Great Benevolent Leader Kim Jong-Un. We know how that happens. Children do not. It's "The Dictator's New Haircut"

This could be incredibly layered and subtle but still "identify" as a children's book. Pictures! First of all, Kim's hair is just an upside-down trapezoid. And he's often "beeeewry angwy!!"...

Helping Duckies

Adult-only behind-the-scenes: There is a phylum of duckies that must always fly. If they don't keep flying they end up in the swamp. As duckies know this about other duckies. There is lots of adorable carrying on the back and bandaging wings and calming words when a ducky is being reckless by swooping close to the swamp or has too much confidence when there are low clouds and makes all kinds of flips and twirls (like an airplain).

tl;dr -- flying is life, swamp is death (depicted as paddling around in the swamp looking up at the lucky still-flying duckies)

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