Mike Burr - log

Money Island

I've got what I think is a fantastic idea for a "show" (probably adult animated). Think: Gilligan's island, but slightly less stupid, and with maybe 3x or so more people, who repeatedly try to form a "government" and keep running into hilarious hijinks.

There are many, many ideas in fundamental economics that are suitable as plot lines. Parable of the broken window, etc.

  • "Ok, you four guys will be the treasury and have an exclusive right to issue currency"
  • 51% of the islanders are tweens who come up with great ideas to "make island great again". Over and over.

Needs an "expert" (wears a suit) on staff to try and keep it accurate and address criticisms (Because the point is to promote these ideas. They bear meaning and relevance to reality.) Lots of on-the-nose acknowledgements of things that were not addressed ("yes, we know", etc)

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