Mike Burr - log

Judging technology expensiviness

I wonder if part of the modern medical miracle of "thuh helth care sistem" is due to people being unable to compare the value of two pieces of "technology".


  • The newest iPhone
  • A dialysis machine

Do you know which one

  • Costs more
  • Is more complicated
  • Took more hours of research?
  • Relies on the most recent technology

It would be revealing to look into this, I think. If you did all the calculations and then were told

  • iPhone : $1300
  • dialysis machine : $7M

Do you think you'd think at that point "Ah! well, of course. Because the dialysis machine is three orders of magnitude more complex and difficult to produce than an iPhone!" Well, yousir need to think through some of this.

So what IS the explanation for the three-almost-four orders of magnitude difference. "meh"? is it "meh"?

* I completely made up the numbers. Feel free to do your own research and come up with your own numbers. May they be satisfying to you.

- 1 toast