Mike Burr - log

[Nigel Queensblower] A pint down at the ol' pubshop with me mate chaps

Alright, mate!

I'm Nigel Queensblower. I like to grab a couple a pints down at the pubshop with me fellow chaps. It's a right oaky old place, it is, it is, alright. Buut I do reckon we get up to some right good gabs up in that old hensbarn, we do. Good old yarns indeed, my friend. Why, just the other day, me chapmate Dobbie Squabs, Squabs we call 'er, she got up to a riiight good tellin about tha Queen and oooooAT'.

An' it ain't no ligh, nee-tha. She Squabed the old Queen a right good one!

- 1 toast