Mike Burr - log


People say that the USPS is behind the times and irrelevant.

ha! "HA!!", I say.

Every single day I get a preview of the pieces of paper I'm going to throw away, sent straight to my email inbox. I don't even have to go and look in the "spam" folder. It's sent straight to my inbox! "You've got mail!", it says.

This way, I can plan ahead and know exactly how many pieces of paper I'm going to be pulling from my mailbox, taking back home and throwing in the trash.

Importantly, with the preview system, I sometimes don't even have to go to the garage, get in my car, start the engine, drive a quarter mile, retrieve the pieces of paper, drive them back to the house and throw them in the trash. Occasionally there are no pieces of paper for me to retreive. This significantly saves on greenhouse emissions.

What an age we live in.

- 1 toast