Mike Burr - log

Like, The Dissolution of Political Parties, Maybe?

The idea of political parties is pretty absurd. I guess it's "required" if 300 million people want to argue about how they all are going to live and how "society is going to be run".

I think reality is distorted for Joe Voter and he believes that if we all cheer the good one and jeer the bad one, we'll all eventually convince our neighbors of our wisdom and they will happily vote for your favorite guy now that you have shown him the light.

Has something like this ever happened once, let alone millions of times? It's idiotic to think that anything is going to get better now that we have our benevolent great thinker guy in charge. Is this what you think is going to happen?

Maybe instead let's all stop pretending we have a "political" problem and not a "people" problem. Talk, think, disagree... listen, think more... that kind of thing. The idea may bore most of us to tears, given how fun it is to feel superior to your coworker or your parent because they're Wrong and you are Right. Fucking stupid.

Political party affiliation is passed down in much the same way that religion is. And for a good reason: THEY ARE VERY MUCH THE SAME THING! It's a way to stay with the tribe and to feel better about yourself without having done anything.


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