Mike Burr - log

[Rainman] 'm Thinkin Bout 'chu

You are getting progressively harder to read because I know you less-and-less well as time goes by. That is fine. Time is like that and I'm done arguing about it. You might be interested in knowing that recently my interactions with you have seem stilted and awkward for reasons that are all-too-obvious and at the same time completely out of my ability to read from the airwaves.

I don't know. Elephants? The fact that I cut off all communication with Charlemagne? He is a sadist that delights in telling certain people how worthless they are and has with held "approval" and made a show out of "approving" of something else and has just plain old been a manipulative, machiavellian, narcisistic, selfish, schoolyard bully to me my whole life.

It has fucked my shit up. And if it were all in the past, that'd be something I could work with. But motherfucking Richard Nixon over here has an honest-to-god enemies list. It's, I don't know. I'm pretty sure it's sociopathic at the least.

You know, when the whole thing went down with JM down there, and he was strutting around the chicken coop in charge of all the ladies and everything, he would test me repeatedly to make sure I was on the right side. He would say <mother_of_JM> is lying!! She's a big, fat goddamn lier! He is quite unaware that to this day, I have no idea about what she is lying. I've heard that she's a lier 9000 times, and I have a few theories about what she's "lying" about. I know that we tiptoe around the thing that is redacted all over the transcript. Whatever. Wee?

Of course that's on top of all of the other literally millions of very strong opinions he has about "all that" and also that. On and on and on. Now, I am a "JM". I've found my way to the enemies list. Yes, there is a plausible deniability protocol for this too. I'm sure you can have it explained to you if you like.

Mostly, I am "crazy". Why? Because I do not think "Nixon did nothing wrong"? Or "It's the niggers that's causing it"? Or is it because I don't think TV preachers can literally heal people and talking bad about the angry sky man is not a very good idea? I do not know. I just know, it's all me. I am the baddie.

Could'a drown me in a sack if the Romans hadn't come floodin over the borders, with all their libril regulations.

And, of course, maybe I exaggerate. I think I've had a very different experience with it all. I'm sure that He is capable of being just as, if not more shitty and manipulative to others.

As far as I can tell it's down to wither you possibly did buttstuff with your cousin when you were 5. Or worse! Who knows? It's enough to keep a totally-not-gay father up at night, deeply worried. Deeply repressed. But definitely not thinking about butt stuff.

- 1 toast