Mike Burr - log

[rando] Ok, but, like, seriously is it the end times?

Just for fun I headed over to fox news com to see what that's all about. I am pretty sure I've never been to that particular domain, at least not in the "our front page! pulse on america!"

After noticing that WWIII is not really in the headlines much I scrolled around until I got to "Ukraine Something". I ended up here.

It's super duper absurd. It's like there's a rotting elephant in the room. What exactly is the point of this article? I believe the gist is: those around Putin are starting to question just exactly is going on here, Mr. President??

There are "sources" and "reports" but no apparent references. It's odd to even see those words without them being hyperlinked.

The Bloomberg article is a lie. At least now. At least according to wayback. The first two are snapshots of redirect responses. Donno. The whole thing stinks!

Heh, it is just this side of complementary of Putin. Keep in mind that on this day, 2022-04-05 the top story on fn.c is Johnny Depp and Will Smith. Or something. Dem Dems.

Oh yes, and the ads are all "Honest Roy's End-Times Supply!"

From China to me to your front door in just three short weeks!!

What is happening? Lizard people!

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