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[rando] The future history of yolo.

A bit of e.e. scat that I composed elsewhere for other reasons.

I wonder if yt is nervous about coy product placement for Random Chinese Brand. I kinda feel like it's lightly exploding. is any regulatory body on the look out for and tracking the prevalence of

rando legit signed email directly from company saying to teenage basement dweller who `tubes 'bout pretty much anything you care to pick. says, "we'll give you five ape pumps, X doges, and Y bitcoin if you feature a nice, subtle product placement for Gizmo. totes d/l, ask around. it's a thing now." what's he harm? he already has four of them. he'll just say something flattering in the next vid about Gizmo.

poof, we have established a business relationship. it couldn't be more straightforward. if later on basement y/t jockey gets a vape ape from the same address after some thing or other, he'll deduce the causation. the degree to which he's trending is the degree to which he is putty in the hands of a mishmash of interests. I reckon it'd settle down into something unalarming, like everyone gets sucked into this game because of rising levels of skepticism and nihilism.

but also remember that the barrier of entry to this game is on the level of dimes. if you work for yourself, it's utterly free.

there is no muss, there is no fuss, before you know it, you've got a big crack in your driveway. "frost heave" you say to yourself.

🦕 here is a spin that I like: b-chain becomes a commerce bridge connecting the world. literally the whole gang is onboard. even the chinese. in one direction at least it's completely unrestricted. you can send abstract value to anyone, lets-face-it anonymously. what you get in return for that is the problem. do you have your state postal service provide the last mile for whatever physical thing is on the way? do you somehow confirm that the value recipient provided "service"? because sometimes that part is really easy and even sometimes confirmation of "service performed" can't even be stopped by national boarders. if the service is to do X and the information that needs to flow back is "did it cut the power to the predicted neighborhoods? If so, it probably would be as easy as reading the newspaper article about Mystery Blackout.

why all the sneaking around? b✲mbs? t✲rrorism? dr✲gs? no, most of it is simple tax avoidance. Perfectly moral and also perfectly illegal.

what about the good faith problem when you hand over the value? you have a reputation. more, your address has a reputation. your reputation can and maybe even should be stored off-chain. how? who cares. where is your reputation as a person stored? how does one know, when they make a deal with you, sealed with a handshake, that you will follow through? should you fret about where to store your reputation?

you could keep your own notes to the best your ability and put them on a billboard occasionally. you could post a URL to your reputation stats in the classifieds of a newspaper. you could summerizie it on business cards that you hand out.

last quarter's happy customers: was paid in advance and completed six chicken coups. documentation available.

do you go to parties and try to make a good impression when you're not overhauling car engines in your front yard?

meatspace has the same problem and solutions are still evolving. but importantly, none of it has really ever been stored on the blockchain, no human person's trustworthiness has ever been more than enhanced a bit on chain: you know john uses this address. it's unlikely he's lost control of it. that address makes john look like a great guy.

but from john's point of view, he needn't go convincing anyone he really still owns the address. the induced trustworthiness will go on having its own momentum. the address itself has the reputation, roughly speaking. john is just a hanger-on.

Inspired by the very casual nature of this and wondering who filled out his 1099.

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