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[rando][BT®] A new kind of news

We need a new kind of News. I mean, it's getting fucky out there and "The News" seems to be rather ho-hum about actual threats out there. Wow.

Isn't/wasn't the whole point of News supposed to be about presenting actionable information?

In 1965 News was brought to you by Alpo and was of course even then mostly infotainment. Newspapers? No one reads 'em (maybe I should).

Now News is brought to you by people incapable of setting up ad blockers and actually buy dumb shit, or did.

Casual News aggregate browsing shows a view of the world that is rather tabloid and garbage.

It's not bitcoin technology, per se, but there has to be a better way to organize gathering the news. Involve people? Ask for a kind of proof?

Imagine having a subscription to someone's camera: They have a signing key in a little chip in their cell phone. They sign a picture and you know it's theirs. How to get them is irrelevant, how to pay the "reporter" is somewhat arbitrary (but less so).

You don't "own" them in the "NFT" sense, but you can subscribe to a stream, look at them, save some, and throw some away...

These keys would carry a reputation. It's up to "actors" to harness that reputation. Thumbs emoji button? Viewing time?

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