Mike Burr - log

Remember The Great Big Monopoly Busting of Microsoft that Saved Capitalism from Itself?

Well, now you fuckers are running many of your newfangled "apps" in your browser. Your browser has leaked into your operating system, just, naturally. You don't care if Slack is built in on Google Chrome Technology. You just use it. The fact that the browser wants to be part of your OS and visa versa is none of your business, random citizen. You need not interfere with that love affair. The best ideas kind of have to win in the long run.

And by the way, Safari...? Am I mistaken in that Safari comes bundled with your operating system? I wonder what kind of legal kung-fu was required for that? Is it because it's not "integrated" with the operating system...? You mean, like, shared libraries? Are those not allowed?

Bundling and integrating the browser with your operating system was bad for us in 199X, but now it's ok? I don't think so. Let's do what's right for consumers and get this train going! Apple has an unfair advantage because they are bundling a web browser with their operating system! 🚫

Go Judge Judy! You tell `em!

- 1 toast