Mike Burr - log


I mean, I should be doing something. I feel like I've got a wicked case of cabin fever for one.

So, writing this thingie you see right here is what I'm doing right now. I cannot leave the past behind, can I? The future seems very "meh" to me. So I guess that's why I compulsively "go to the past". And of course when some fool does that, the next thing they're doing is ruminating on some barfed up memory that probably only exists in my brain (or, you're, if you're keeping up). I mean (me) let that sink in. So many of these things do not exist outside of your concept of "the this" (your brain in loose speak). And yet, you (me) assign all kinds of importance to it. Why? I guess because it's barfed up with "feelings" on which you'll also ruminate.

Ah! I caught you! As you were writing the above paragraph, you started fantasizing about writing this (this!) kind of stuff and getting paid for it. "quit my day job. get some slippers and a pipe. live the good life." ...so, instead of finishing up the golden point I was about to make, I instead starting furiously fapping to my fame and long-delayed admiration. Youch.

Anyway, the fact that these old memories are barfed up with sweet saccharin or caliente dolefulness, you get a little treat in the bargain. That sure sounds like a thing. Like, the "emotions" packed in there are triggers for all the glands. Some of us poor saps are addicted to what comes out of those glands!

Feel better, Mike?

I think if I were able to give some little tyke (mike's tykes) some helpful adult advice from all of my "experience", it would be: what I've learned from my past is already burned in and committed as production-ready code. I instinctually will react in the right way if I come across any opportunities to practice "what I've learned". Therefore...! Any time you find yourself ruminating about some event in your past, dont!

No, that would be terrible advice. I was trying to encapsulate the above in some neat pithy, memorable quote.

- 1 toast