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[so-] guns

[OMG OMG!! He said "guns". I will be so frustrated if he does not compose his prose using one of the two known registers.]

[[ 🎶mi mi mii MEE mi mi meee🎶 ahEM!! ]]

All this shit is fucking stupid. Shootings take place in the hood. Quite often. The crime rate goes up and down.

A shooting in the hood can be reported only on the local news, as per usual, or can be trumpeted as an "active spree assault gunman shooting" across the galaxy. Depends on the whim of a few people who probably are not very interesting people but who do respond to money, sometimes as their only incentive. Good or bad, that is the case. It's like using an Ouija board to write headlines; get_next_word("shooting");...

If you think the crime rate correlates with the gun supply I encourage you to crunch the numbers again.

Why are children drowning in pools and suffocating in plastic bags any less tragic than those who catch a bullet? Are they any less dead? Is the gun case just more preventable because the gun stroker demographic is in decline?

What about diesel and fertilizer. What about that high school chemistry book you never opened? What about compact, powerful lasers? What about drones carrying any weapon you care to pick? What about containers of bleach on the bottom shelf?

Enjoy your bleach, kid, mommy and daddy are at a "rally".

Whether you're an idiot or the other kind of idiot, you are still enslaved by your emotions. And your news feed is likely just an AI at this point. AI FYI.

- 1 toast