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[so-] International Bankery

Do we universally hate bankers and bureaucrats yet? "I guess they're OK"?

I generally do not "like" these people. They have jobs that are designed to waste my time and are not even necessary in the first place. I can type any number I need to into my computer keyboard, even big ones. I don't need any kind of official to check the system for me or crunch any numbers or cross check the fax queue.

What if this hated group of people happened to be mostly of the same identifiable group?

  • skin: are they a "certain color"?
  • voodoo: do they believe in the wrong magic?
  • junk: what kind of squishy bits do they have?
  • kink: what do they like doing with their squishy bits?
  • acquisitions: they took my stuff!
  • astral sign: defunct
  • do you take your jesus risen: defunct
  • endianness: no humans. lilliputians, machines only

That's a common thing. For many of the identifiable industries or trades we can think of some "group" that is widely thought to be representative of the participants. (Diamonds?) Not everywhere but for more than a few things. (Laundry?)

Banks as we know them now didn't just evolve. They are regulated from front to back in endless ridged rules (written in High Subjective English) that they must conform to or "else", where "else" varies.

Am I overstating the degree to which Banks are regulated?

According to endless propaganda and public school history books, the Baddies claim was that The Jeewws!!! were inordinately tied up with money and political matters.

I don't know if that's true. Maybe you know that it is true. Either way, I think that was one of their big claims.

Which seems more likely...

  • There is a grand conspiracy and the drinking of the baby blood.
  • Muter! Feter Fritz get me a job at the bank!

If you could get a cushy job annoying the public with endless red tape and no real consequences if you call it in the rest of your life...would you not? How much time would you spend considering whether this is just "a job" that exists solely so you can get a paycheck (minus cuts from bullshit players above you.)

How do such jobs exist? They are created! Jobs that are created by definition didn't need to exist in the first place.

Welcome to the firm! Let me get a chair for you... ohh and let me go upstairs and create a job for you before I forget!

Is this kind of talk eschewed by job creationists? Yes! It! Is!

If you only took a hit to your dignity by taking such a job, that wouldn't be so bad. But if you got the job via your friend and your friend got their job via their friend and if this network of "friends" is mostly people who can be identified as being members of that group...

And if among your job duties is being the friendly face of infuriating bullshit and skullduggery...

People, in all their fallibility, may form the wrong conclusions.

And while we are on the topic of infuriating, could you identify the group to which the last such person you interacted with belonged?


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