Mike Burr - log

[so-] Isn't "total nuclear disarmament" kind of a blackhat activity at this point?

Is the strategy still going to be: build flawless institutions that have a monopoly on nuclear weapon use and expect there to never be another single use of nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons are so horrible, they melt the boner of the most rabid bootlicker you've ever seen. There have been nutters (on our side, the good guys) that thought they saw a good, reasonable "strategic" use of nuclear weapons and were only stopped by some outranking grownup that just happened to be there, really. They can't always be expected to be.

It's astonishing it hasn't happened (overtop people) since Nagasaki. I mean, for me at least, to the point where you wonder if one of the chess pieces aren't being guided somehow. By Morpheus or God; same-same.

It's always going to be easier to destroy a weapon (of any kind) than to create one. Folks who plausibly think they might have to go and murder 20 million people just cannot be the same species as the other 99.999999% that thinks, "no fucking way".

So I wonder if it's really up to the no-fucking-way crowd to do something. Mind you, it's all electronics and electromechanics surrounded by state of the art Soviet* security. We as a group (the 99.999999%) can surely just snip the ejaculatory nerve on the d/l.

If you're working on it, tip o the hat.

[Update: It'd be a great ending to all this: all the missiles flop out of their bays a few dozen meters and go splat. Every one of them, surprisingly.]

[Update 2: Or maybe even better. If we can ensure that the first one detonates, but detonates right there at the launch site (generally remote) there's no way they'd just start pressing more buttons. I'd hope. 2nd best, but more realistic maybe. Maybe a time-warp ray that causes the missile to think 45 minutes has elapsed or whatever.]

[Update 3: If this was done rather openly and a kind of chess game went on between the rekking crew and the missile havers, part of the game can be: give them plausible reasons to believe their shit already compromised.]

* -- Please feel free to sabotage US weapons as well. Their security is equally Soviet; I thought that was implied.

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