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[so-] Loud tribing correlates to strong assuming

That is, "tribe+ing". I don't know what you're giggling about.

It seems to. Let me try to turn up the Franklin.

Stronger identification with groups in a culture coincides with a stronger impulse to assume others are fervent about something and it's usually assumed to be a bad something.


Tribes beget tribalists and distaste for the untribed apostate.


Tribers gonna judge. More tribe, more judge.

Obligatory, "it may just be me" but the more evidence I see that I'm talking to a died-in-the-wool X who is ready to die on hill X and is a real true Scotsman, the more I get the sense that I'm being litmus tested for possible inclusion/exclusion.

If "ideology" meant anything other than "a convenient grouping of opinions" I'd maybe be interested in listening to the sermon.

And really, maybe me.

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