Mike Burr - log


Yes, I know, works perfect on chrome. Shut up, you.

I use crusty, dust old emacs as my daily editor. The spelling situation, at least for the lazy, is a disaster.

Here's some ideas:

  • Invent a 5th one and make it "obviously better than" the other ones.
  • Store statistics of all kinds. For example, if I had a histogram of my most popular mistakes, I could actually learn to spell in a more efficient manner.
  • Have a feature that somehow highlights danger words. Like 'their' and 'effect', maybe just "homonyms", but filtered a bit because not all of those are big problems. Seems possible.
  • You might be able to just include "sets" of words. ("their", "there", "they're") if the word falls into that category, its background goes from snow white to eggshell white, just to draw the eye a tiny bit more. Unless that's a terrible idea.

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