Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] Awkward public interactions have a small, finite cost

Here's the thing, you shut-ins will think nothing of paying, say $7 to go swimming or work out or even to park in your favorite urban parking lot to eat your sandwich away from your coworkers.

Everything has its cost.

But consider that the only reason awkward social interactions "cost" you anything in the first place is your dwelling on them years later for no reason. Well, get over that? If you can devalue those weird interactions (which sometimes seem to outnumber the neutral and positive ones combined), you can think of that as a few bucks more. Instead of $7, you will pay $10 ($7 cash + $3 mental anguish)... that is, if you don't cause them to cost you a bunch. It could also cost you $1000 if you have the wrong attitude.

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