Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] Bail Out America Again

I still humbly think the IRS has no clucking foo what is coming their way. Ho hum.

But when the tsunami strikes, here is an idea, America...

Offer a one-time per-individual cash buyout of all future tax obligation.

Do you object, staunch patriot? I haven't named my price yet.

What if it was 100 trillion dollars? If per-individual, then this is a non-starter. [What do you do when someone does come up with the cash?]

How about 9 billion? Jeff Bezos writes a check to the IRS for $9E9 and all's good. He pays no taxes. "But what about!", you say? If there is some untangling of the tax laws to determine what is his share and what is Amazon's share, that's probably something that needs looking at anyhow.

Would the masses rage at such a figure? How about $9E9 * n, where n is a number that YOU get to pick? How about that amount? Maybe the mob could get into a huddle and come up with a fair number, like $13,666,420,789.69?

Also, part of my point here is that no one has gotten that desperate. When in fire sale mode because everyone's fleeing to crypto, I imagine they would be open to novel ideas.

Or, we could make tax payment voluntary. If you believe it's worth what they're asking, pay up. If you don't, they send you a disappointed letter.

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