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[suh-SAH-et-ee] [cereal] The "Karen" Meme is Evil

But you enjoy it so much, I know.

Look, not all social justice needs to be shoving the pendulum back in the opposite direction as hard as you can. Forget about two wrongs, the we hate them now they hate us pendulum has made, think about it, probably millions of passes. Shoved hard by the other side, each time. Wee!

This is about hating old white women. "Well they deserve it", you say? Pretty sure about that? Pretty sure that the stranger that totally glared at you was a total Karen.

And when the chants start: Karen! Karen! ...I know it seems harmless, but it's not harmless to the Karen (who totally deserves it). It's something that either hurts emotionally or heightens the already boiling rage-at-whatever. Are either of these good? Having a bunch of people chant "Karen" at the restaurant really sounds a lot like people chanting "nigger boy" or "jew boy". Is it different because you're the triumphant, gleeful superior class now? I'm sure it is.

I'm not going to shout "stop it" any more than I would try to stop making stupid people so dum. It's pissing into a hurricane. Just want to be on record.

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