Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] If everyone were a coward there would be no war

I was watching some "British Patté" about the Hungary Revolution (where brave people rose up against the government and grueling communism happened; yay!) and was thinking about how I'd just be packing my fucking bags. Have fun, y'all.

If we're a social insect then imagine that everyone had that same inpulse. The drones don't want to pile on and squeeze out the infection, instead they all disperse. If bad neighbors end up living next to each other as the result of all this moving around, then they'll again naturally desperse. It'd be like: with regard to the urge to have a good fight, each member of the hive has a repelling charge.

Which would mean the hive would need to expand.

Which would call for ever more lebensraum.

There's probably an Ideal Community Law that says that if you put up borders and constrain the volume, then the pressure of these mutually-repellant folks-that-cant-get-along will create heat.

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