Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] Insurance for your insurance!

Hey, gang. Health Insurance is expensive. We all got to face it. :-(

Health Insurance is there to make the cost of medical lower. It works by taking money from you, taking some of that away, and then giving some of the money to medical to pay for your services.

You think medical is expensive with Health Insurance, heh, just try without! It's there to make everything cheaper. That's what insure is for. Just look at your statement next time. Yep. Cheaper with insurance. So, we've got a nobrainer on our hands here, folks.

But medical is so expensive now that, despite the existence of Health Insurance whose job is to make it cheaper, it's expensive again! :-(

Luckily you can now purchase Health Insurance Insurance to cover your gap and guard it from Health Insurance.

Traditional Health Insurance alone can no longer carry all the load of paying for medical! Let's face it folks! ;-(

- 1 toast