Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] Please let big phrama[cy] collapse (or, "I can't believe people are so goddamn stupid")

"Big Pharma", if that's why you're here, is a problem and a whole nuther discussion. I'm talking about Big Pharmacy.

  1. Do you not think to ask why you are forbidden to get certain things from the front half of the store and must get them via a guard in the back dressed like "a doctor".
  2. Has anyone ever looked at all the stuff a 5 year old can buy on the other side of the counter and compare its "danger" to stuff behind that counter? Why is there not more re-arranging? Are we sure, say "hydrochlorothiazide" is more dangerous than aspirin? Or even caffeine? How about table salt? How about boric acid? How about monosodium glutamate? Do you have the slightest idea? No? Then maybe you are 1/300Mth responsible for the death of countless children. [nor do I, btw]
  3. If they set up a wall around the ladies section at Walmart and demanded you see a psychiatrist and get a prescription for lacy undies, and then use Walmarts app to "re-fill" your panties, and go back to a psychiatrist once a year to make sure you still need lacy panties, and if you do, he will fax his signature to the Walmart ladies department, after which you can then click the button on the app to re-order your panties, but if you wanted to get some ladies panties from Victoria Secret, you had to pick up your telephone and call Victoria Secret and get Walmart to fax you their records...... would you think to ask "why?" But this is different? Drugs are bad (mkay)? See point #2 above.
  4. If we both new a nice, sweet old woman who makes buggy whips for the Us Department of Buggy Whips, would it be bad form for me to question whether this is a net-good for the world, and maybe granny's life would not instantly fall apart if she put down the spoke shave and did something else.
  5. If a drug were invented tomorrow that had (for the sake of discussion) no negative side effects, cost pennies to make and would be in demand by literally all 7.5B of us because it made you kind of imortal, do you think
    • We would do the right thing and put this in chewing gum or
    • Give Little Pharmacy a monopoly on distributing this.
    • Since we already know the answer to this, will CVS be able to build a "pharmacy" on every corner overnight? Or will it just go straight to you from a CVS warehouse ... via ... US Postal System?
  6. Speaking of which, if the USPS brought back ponies, we might be able make a new job for granny.
  7. If we go to war with a virus, spinning out pin-point vaccines like crazy to combat an equally clever virus, will we just stand in line at CVS? Literally deploy the whole US military to stand around in camo and squirt liquid (expertly) into people?

- 1 toast