Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] "Schools" create bullies

Where do you find bullies? If I ask you to go and find for me the places, through history and geography, that had the worst and most bullies. And that we're having a competition. If you can identify the top 10 bully-dense places, upon the earth, I will give you infinite money forever (which would make you a god. this is not "one MILlion dollars".)

Or, whatever you want. The point is, you want to find those places. Just go with it, let's get started:

  • Work. Yep, that's way at the top. It's been a mix. But work has its bullies and most people "go to work", which means that we are talking about everybody, in mixed up environments. But just people. Like you. Maybe their company sucks. It probably does.
  • Prison. This for me is a hands-down favorite. Prison make you his bitch. You want to visit for a while and see if you can find any "bullies" in prison?
  • Auschwitz and all that mess -- Any kind of prison-like "camp", whether the people are there justly or not, if they are treated sufficiently badly, they'll start tearing at each other like rats, IOW: bullies. Maybe an excusable "backstory" in this case, fear of death, terror, unspeakable suffering of every kind. Some of us snap and realize, I am going to get through this shit no matter what. And pretty soon, an opportunity for "what" turns up. It's a matter of record: doctors beating people to death with boards (and sticks with hails in them), consuming the not-yet-dead. Pretty good place to find bullies, sadly enough. They thrive in fact.

And "all that mess" means the previous 20k years or so. All day, every day, bro. Kill all the Moors! (I'm not going to say it, you say it.)

Any other candidates? Shopping malls? Not really? Movie theaters? Christian Bible Camp?


And "school" as you and I probably remember it. Some kid got fucking tortured and tortured. Now, that's not new. Kids have tortured each other forever. But don't you think the bullying was worse and more consistent than in your average "gaggle of kids in some circumstance".

Maybe not. Of course it varies.

- 1 toast