Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] The frequency increases

With lots of stuff, doesn't it? I mean, wrt society...?

Black swans come along, rock everyone's world somehow, then become ho-hum and mundane at an ever increasing rate.

This wasn't meant to be an example of those things, though. The point I wanted to capture is maybe an instance of that.

Who watches TV now? I'll tell ya who, Freemasons! ...no, it's people who don't know how to use the clicker and wonder which one is Kathy Lee constantly (or Brett Hume, as appropriate).

If you are still "watching TV" then you have been identified as utterly helpless regarding technology, therefore likely naive, and also with lots and lots of free time apparently. I'm talking, even if you have a fancy satellite dish on your roof! Sure, many never took those down, and sometimes people are locked into Sports and are locked in via geo-fencing or something. Or you want to have "the news" on when company comes, you know, let them stay up to date along with you, as a kindness.

But if you are a TV watcher, there's a good chance you're also a chump; I mean, in the traditional sense. Watch TV is what you do because you haven't started up your computer in maybe a few short years and maybe have your phone on a doily connected to something with a wire.

I sure hope you don't have any money, whoever you are.

So "TV" is a wasteland. Thank God we have so much communication decency, and don't go saying dirty birds. Sure it's nonstop commercials for shit that you will enthusiastically throw money at with absolutely nothing in return but poorer grandkids.

That's bad enough, but now YouTube and Facebook are like the Yahoo! of online pet stores. They are crusting over, getting irrelevant and losing the war. I'm sure it's all very complicated, yes. Facebook is not even Facebook.

Scams. Scams is what brought me here. YouTube constantly allows obvious, easily identifiable scams to slip by and show up as number one in my recommendations.

And there's all the other shit.

You know, I think "money" is about to do this same kind of flip.

Money is the broadcast TV of value exchange.

- 1 toast