Mike Burr - log

The Illegal Mathematics Foundation

I'm tying out new names. One of my favorite things to do is endlessly speculate about a topic without ever doing anything but speculate, and an important first step in that is to give great names.

I have considered:

  • Mathematical Tools for Terror
  • The Mathematics of Hiring a Killer
  • All the Drugs You Want, with Mathematics and The U.S. Post Office!

There has still got to be some illegal mathematics to do. Maybe it's only illegal in your country! We will help you break the law.

We are The Super Friends!

If we cannot find illegal mathematics, then how about highly distasteful mathematics. The kinds that can get you glared at during a party.

Like, for example, I don't think that mathematics that helps "crush" film producers get paid is something Aunt Clair wants to know you're up to.

Maybe there is mathematics that's "owned" by a some entity (they have a patent on it and brag about that endlessly). We can find a way to render it useless. And publish a small script that does so.

Anyway, if you're up for it, please tear off a tab at the bottom of this notice and put it on your tongue.

- 1 toast