Mike Burr - log

The Masks. Still? Am I a snaggletoothed hillbilly for bringing it up? hmm?

Are people in "your" area still wearing masks for religious purposes? It is so disconcerting how this won't go away. It's like people are now media-orchestrated bots. just doin stuff. for fun!

Some kind of selection process found the perfect "think of the children!" cause. Only a literal sociopath would decline to wear a mask! It's so easy!

I mean, if you think bout it, all of these huge social effects are a direct cause of the things the virus does. It just happens that it's communicated via television. Do you remember seeing the "28 days later" Italian remake?? Yeah, pretty heady stuff. Better overreact just to be safe.

still. The little DNA bits caused it to spread a certain way and have physical affects of a certain kind, vectored by CNN and CNN Prime* into everyone's brains 🌿

I want to claim, again, to be the first person in town to start wearing masks. And I got a bunch of angry glares from the skittish herd. Now, when clearly life can go fucking back to normal, we cling to our woobies. Nice, people.

That is a mathematics notation joke. thinkaboutit

- 1 toast