Mike Burr - log

The Obsequious Ex-con

We all know the trope ex-con who's just been released and can't bring himself to take a bathroom break without asking the boss.

Do people empathize with what this really would feel like? I suspect most people can't even imagine feeling that way, yet it is a trope and everyone seems to "get it"; no personal experience, but yeah, we can kind of imagine that would take place given the right conditions.

I suspect that is a cousin to what I feel when I try to imagine myself taking actual pride in something I've done.

In order to Reely Suceed it's probably necessary to think to yourself from time to time, "my shit's the best shit!" Kind of hard for me to really get there. Seems like it requires some kind of helpful self-deception. It is a FEELING afterall, but it seems to have actual side-benefits.

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