Mike Burr - log

Two Paths to Pills

Hi, Bear.

Imagine a world where you can create an account on your favorite pharmacy website and tick a box that says, "I do not require HIPPA-compliant security measures", and from that point on, you just use a regular password to log in, you use cookies to stay logged in and can click "refill this" any time. It's just like Amazon or Spotify or Walmart.

I'm only referring to the measures the website and pharmacy must put in place to make sure all of your history is double-secret protected by your paternal grandmothers's first pet's name. I'm not talking about just letting you order whatever you want (that would be crazy!!!) I'm talking about releasing your pharmacy from all the crazy stuff that causes you to create three accounts (subscriptions inevitably are "linked" with the wrong one) and locks you out because you can't remember your the color of the third car you ever owned, or if you moved, haven't updated your address and "BZZZT! Address do3s not match! Call support!"...

Imagine if it was like your Amazon account. No muss, no fuss. Are you worried that Russia might find out what kind of hemorrhoid cream you use? Well, you are welcome to leave that box unticked and run that risk (and keep the pieces).

A huge piece of the world that we're forced to interact with is touched by an infinity of laws and regulations that force us to go down a particular path. All other choices are now verboten, by fiat (heh). But no one thinks to make a sound about it. Obiously the optimal path has been chosen by our benevolent leaders! (you think the problem is "lobbying"? I promise CVS has no qualms with whatever regulations get churned out. It's like a make-work program. The store manager has endless cousins that want hirin'.)

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