Mike Burr - log


Why am I here, what does all this mean?

Hey, folks. I compromised by setting my "sleep timer" on the Audible app (see yesterday). I have a definitely elaborate, definitely dream last night. I barely remember any of it, but it was "satisfying" somehow. I set the app to stop playback after four hours, so I think I got my REM in.

Interesting how last night's dream is more of a (generally good) emotion and yet I cannot really remember any specifics. If I tried, I might could. Actually I've been trying all day. Still trying.

So, this needs to be my practice. I could probably safely get away with three hours. This might even improve my retention, since I won't have listened-in-my-sleep to the last chapter of the book 10 times (or whatever). Seems like that could muddy the waters.

I still need to do some light-blocking in the bedroom (I said "light blocking"!)

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