Mike Burr - log

The Wild-Eyed True Believer

The Wild-Eyed True Believer Knows:

  1. That The Cause comes before all else.
  2. One cannot Believe fervently enough.
  3. One cannot let family get in the way of The Cause.
  4. The Cause is tightly coupled with complete adoption of the (geographically) local and overwhelmingly predominant religious institution. The Cause has goals that complement but do not conflict with the local religion.
  5. One can apply reason to other parts of their life, but The Cause just is and therefore is not subject to reason.
  6. That as the world around us draws farther and farther away from The Cause, the Believer is ever more isolated. The response to this is to double down. You must Believe more.
  7. The wish for violence is not a sin in itself.
  8. If violence happens, it happens.
  9. Members of The Cause, the world around, love a good beard.

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