Mike Burr - log

[Charlemagne] Yes, these are good things.

Please place a checkmark next to any of the following statements you agree with.

  1. [ ] Being kind to others is good.
  2. [ ] Assuming the other person is smarter than you is a great way to approach new people.
  3. [ ] People, regardless of their background, actions, or birth circumstances deserve always to be judged according to their current self.
  4. [ ] It's important for me to remember that I make mistakes too. As a mere mortal, I am capable of being wrong about literally anything. All I can do is try my best and try always to do what is "right" and follow only truth, without any emotional baggage to distort reality.
  5. [ ] All people, regardless of ANYTHING, so long as they are human, are equal in the sense that they should not be treated differently from others BECAUSE OF their PHYSICAL differences or circumstances over which they have NO CONTROL.
  6. [ ] U shuld be a crishchen and folow the lord, savor of ar soles.

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Now, why did you never teach me literally any of this?

- 1 toast