Mike Burr - log

[suh-SAH-et-ee] Play Facebook's New Hen Pecking Game!!

I don't know if they are still a thing, but while I was still watching the Facebook trainwreck, these "games" were popular: "Which Gilligan's Island Characters are All Your Friends?" ... "Which Truck Stop Novelty Condoms are your Best Friends?"

I only remember shaking my head, but it now occurs to me: these things (those things) are (were) fucking evil. Evil still exists, so I assume there's a new evil app. But.

They are all differently packaged variants on the same simple theme: "Pick your N best friends for inclusion on this big announcement."

"Notice you're not in this list, Karen."

What a bunch of dumb, human, romper room, donkey tripe.

- 1 toast